Jez Lowe Band Christmas Show inc. Benny Graham (England)

A festive special: "Thor'd Out", with special guest Benny Graham

Join Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies, as they shelter from a Viking winter, huddled around the roaring fire beneath the rafters of the Great Hall.

Jezs annual Christmas tour has become quite a tradition in recent years, striking out from their native North East of England to entertain audiences across the whole of the UK. Award winning songwriter Jez will be joined by Kari Macleod, Andy May and David de la Haye, so expect a musical feast of guitar, cittern, fretless bass, fiddle, melodeon, piano, whistles and their trademark harmony vocals!

And this year, the band once again invites special guest Benny Graham, to join them on a journey across the Great North Sea, to share the songs and tales of the Northlands.

Part folk concert, part music-hall revue. Sing along, laugh along, and drive the cold winter away.

Watch out! The long ships are sailing up the Firth of Forth (or any river near you)!

Jez Lowe is one of Britain's foremost folk singer-songwriters who has toured internationally for more than three decades. He is one of the main songwriters for BBC Radio 2s award winning Radio Ballads series and also collaborated on the Radio 2 adaptation of Michael Morpurgos Alone on a Wide Wide Sea that was recently nominated for an ARIA Award.



Benny Graham: