Ribbon Road (England)

Ribbon Road sing beautifully crafted songs drawing from folk music's long tradition yet relevant to our ever-changing modern times. Based on tight harmonies and simple instrumental arrangements which accentuate the words, their sound has a powerful directness often missing in contemporary song. For the last 20 years, Brenda Heslop has been one of the undiscovered talents of songwriting. Her captivating voice draws the listener in to life stories drawn from nine studio albums, mixing stunningly, beautiful collection of songs of compassion, triumph, sorrow and hope, with flares of anger at abuse of power. Brenda's husband Geoff has produced over 100 folk albums in the last 40 years (Bert Jansch, Kathryn Tickell, Rab Noakes, Alan Hull, Five Hand Reel, Dick Gaughan, Rory McLeod, Allan Taylor and many others). Folk songwriters have always written songs about the people and things around them - their stories, their feelings, their experiences and Brenda carries on this tradition.

"Ribbon Road is songwriter Brenda Heslop and her husband Geoff (famed producer of many classic releases). They sing in perfect balance and gentle close harmony on Brenda's acutely personal songs. Tender, intimate and haunting, these songs are genuinely moving and all the better for using absolutely minimal instrumental settings." fRoots

"Songwriter Brenda Heslop has a secret, and she will whisper it in your ear: but a shocking secret, and its effect on you is much greater than you expect from a whisper. True, Brenda's secrets are in song, but the effect of her quiet vocals and harmonies with husband Geoff whacks you in the lughole and makes you pay attention." The Living Tradition