BrÒg (Scotland)

Debut performance at Edinburgh Folk Club by the brand-new Edinburgh-based trio, BrÒg: jigs, reels, airs and Scottish songs. Fiery tunes and beautiful songs from the Scots tradition by three of Scotland’s finest musicians.

Gary West is one of the country's top pipers, currently with Glasgow City Police Pipe Band and the famous Atholl Highlanders, ex-Ceolbeg, Caledon and Clan Alba.

Greg Borland plays with Other Roads, Burach, and is ex-Caledon and the Kathryn Tickell Band.

Sandy Brechin plays with The Jimi Shandrix Experience, The Sandy Brechin Band, Burach, is ex-Seelyhoo and a host of other bands. Albums:

Opening Act: Robbie and Mike Ward