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Date: Wednesday 7 October 2015
Venue: Pleasance Theatre Bar
Time: doors 7:30pm / showtime 8pm
Admission: £10 (non-members); £9 (concession); £7 (EFC members) - at the door or from Paddy
(For gigs in subsequent weeks see EFC's Programme 2015-2016 page)


Steve Turner comes from a family of concertina players and singers.  He began his career on the Manchester folk scene at the end of the 1960s, playing and touring as a member of Geordie band Canny Fettle, then nationally and internationally throughout the 1980's as a solo professional performer, recording his first four solo albums with Fellside Records.

Steve is known as a pioneer of highly sophisticated English concertina song accompaniments, stretching the boundaries of traditional forms, with one of the best voices in the business. He is a multi-instrumentalist, accompanies himself on the cittern, and also plays mandolin and banjo.

After a 13 year break, building up an internationally known stringed instrument business, Steve made a welcome return to performing in folk clubs and festivals in 2005.

Steve's 5th album, his first for 22 years "The Whirligig of Time" was long-listed for the BBC Radio 2 folk awards in 2008. His latest (6th) album "Rim of the Wheel" was released in spring 2012 and has received rave reviews - David Kidman in NE Folk Roundabout called it "sheer genius a sure contender for one of my folk albums of 2012".  This was backed up by many festival bookings and re-plays on Mike Harding's BBC Radio 2 show and Late Junction (BBC Radio 3), and a full page article in fRoots in July 2012.

In the fRoots August/September 2014 edition Nancy Kerr in her "Rocket Launcher" interview was asked "what was the best gig you ever saw?".  Nancy replied, "the best spot I've seen recently was Steve Turner - total intensive musical focus and a vast serious repertoire".

Edinburgh Folk Club, aka EFC, is an organisation which exists to foster an interest in the wide international world of folk and related musics.

In common with all other folk clubs, EFC is a non-profit organisation run entirely by a volunteer committee.

You do not have to be a member of Edinburgh Folk Club to be able to attend the club's weekly shows.  Just turn up and pay the admission charge at the door (or, better still, book in advance - see below).

EFC held its first meeting on Wednesday 3 October 1973 and has been in continuous existence since then.

Edinburgh FC meets weekly on Wednesday evenings for most of the year. At each Wednesday show, the club
kicks off at 8pm but doors open around 7:30pm - and the bar is open then too.

There will usually be an opening act, sometimes two, before the night's first set from the main guest from about 8.20pm/8.25pm to shortly after 9pm.

After the break the show continues and normally ends around 10.45pm, maybe slightly later.

If you really, really want to go to a show at Edinburgh FC it's ALWAYS better to book in advance - use this email address to get your tickets.


To order, e: Paddy Bort
Or buy at Edinburgh FC weekly gig from Wednesday 7 October onwards
EFC's shows are all (usually) presented in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, 60 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ, Scotland which is adjacent to the Pleasance Sports Centre of Edinburgh University.  The Pleasance complex of buildings is owned by Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) although EFC itself has no connection with EUSA, nor Edinburgh University.

The Pleasance Cabaret Bar is in a courtyard accessed through two archways from The Pleasance.  One of the archways is for vehicles only which brings you right to the venue door.  You can park safely (and for free!) in the courtyard.

There are no steps from the courtyard into the venue so wheelchair access is not a problem.  However, the room itself is on two levels separated by a few steps which prevents wheelchair access to the lower level.  Unfortunately the toilets are accessed only from the lower level and are not 'disabled friendly'.

Only one bus service runs along The Pleasance - service 60.  There are several services (including nos. 2, 3, 7, 14, 31, 33, 45) stopping on surrounding streets within 5 to10 minutes' walk.  See Lothian Buses website for details of all city services.

Waverley railway station is about 15 minutes' walk away (via Jeffrey Street and St Mary's Street).

Contact EFC ...

Paddy Bort
t: +44(0)131-650 2458

Aspiring performers should email Paddy Bort rather than using the website Contact form
Send Paddy a brief bio - one A4 sheet maximum (text file format .txt) - website URL, picture (JPG), video and audio link(s).

However please note that, as of now (Oct 3 2015), EFC is fully booked until the end of 2016.



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